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No Stress ToDay

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Hello everyone, I would like to tell you about a wonderful day that my sister and I had. We woke up early on a Sunday morning to get ready for church. It was warming up fast and it was sunny, a kind of day you want to wake up early and enjoy the day. We saw a play at our church. The kids did a great job with the play and it was very enjoyable. What a nice way to start the day, and spend time with the Lord. After church we had a lite lunch then we took a walk in the woods along the creek. We stopped in a nature center and saw some of the animals the Lord has made. How amazing is that? God could do all these things! It was a beautiful day. Everyone seemed to be out, some going for a walk, some riding their bicycle’s and there were some people having a picnic. My sister and I walked down a street we had never been on before. We saw an old church, it was small but it was nice to see. We sat down in the sun on the hill next to that church. Any care we had, that was gone as we basked in the Glory of The Lord. We walked some more and talked to some of the neighbors.The people there were so friendly, what better way to have your day.

Psalms 118:24 NIV
“This is the day the Lord has made;
Let us rejoice and be glad in it.”

Every day is all ways a good day to rejoice in what the Lord has made. Let’s all take time to relax and talk to God. Talk to Him about your day and any thing that’s on your mind. God wants to hear from you. Take time to talk to Jesus every day and make Jesus your Lord and Savior. Talk to the Father, He loves you and wants the best for you. Welcome The Holy Spirit into your life as a friend and helper. Let God into your life and have a relationship with Him. Tell God every day you love Him and you need Him. Your life will change. God doesn’t want you to be stressed about any thing, He wants you to be happy, healthy and enjoying life.

Psalms 118:23 NIV
“The Lord has done this, and it is marvelous in our eyes.”





God, creation and you

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Have you wondered about God’s creation and what God wants for you? Have you ever looked at the plants, animals, the mountains or the sky and wondered how God made it or why?

I would like to share something with you my friends. We may not be able to understand how God is able to do things or even His power but it’s all made by His glory for His glory.Through Him all things were made, without Him nothing was made that has been made. John 1:3 NIV

Do you know that you are made in God’s image and that you are at the top of His creation? I think that’s GROOVY, how about you what do you think?

In Genesis 1:29-30 talks about the foods God gave us to eat. These foods are good to eat and good for you. The foods that God made for us are to be enjoyed and to keep us in good health. God knows what our bodies need and He gave all these foods for us to eat.

God does not want us to be stressed about anything or have a bad day. Take time to slow down and enjoy what He made. Enjoy the sun rise, the flowers, the birds or even the clouds in the sky. Talk to God about them, He wants to hear from you. When the sun goes down spend time with God and watch the stars come out. Thank God for your day and for all He has given you. At night God wants us to sleep so we could get our rest and so we could stay in good health. How great is that?

The God who created you is the One who hung on the cross and died for you. His name is Jesus and He wants a relationship with you. The love that Jesus has for you is greater than anything that you will ever know. Take time to talk to Jesus every day and confess your sins to Him. Tell Jesus you love Him and need Him and thank Him for the cross. You will be on your way to a wonderful relationship with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

If you never read the bible before and would like to know more about Jesus, read the book of John in the New Testament, it’s a good book to start with. Jesus wants you to be happy, healthy and enjoy life. Take time to slow down and enjoy what God has made for you. God loves you and He wants to be loved by you.

God bless you my friends.